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Humanity – Creationism, Darwinism and Now Realization

Humanity – Creationism, Darwinism and Now Realization

Christians around the world readily accept creationism, Jesus the son of God, the virgin birth, the resurrection. Its acceptance is due to ‘blind faith’.

Realizationism like Christianity also requires this blind faith. So an open mind is important when exploring this new concept.

How did humanity evolve so quickly during the Holocene era to become an integral part of the Earth’s fabric? Throughout history, why have humans always been so smart?

This introduces the key leap of faith in Realization:

Is the arrival of extraterrestrials on our planet in our prehistory the only logical and common sense explanation for our truly remarkable evolution from the indigenous people? Homo sapiens/ Neanderthal species during such a short period?

Did they genetically experiment with various deceivers on Earth to suit their purposes? Did any of these experiments involve genetic manipulation of our Homo sapiens ancestors, perhaps our mitochondrial DNA, creating the human race? According to Darwin’s theory, those Homo sapiens possessing the alien visitor gene had a significant advantage and began to replace those without it, resulting in a dramatic shift in human evolution. The highly intelligent human race then rapidly evolved from this distinctive “Eve” point.

Was this ET-inspired civilization, which built pyramids on every continent on Earth, destroyed by a tsunami (possibly caused by an asteroid) that occurred around 8,000 years ago – ‘Younger Dryas Global Event’ – also described in the book Noah’s Flooddevastating this incredible early civilization, starting “The Planet of the (intelligent) homo sapiens“?

We share 98.4% of the genetic makeup of our closest relative, the African chimpanzee. Is it likely that in 8,000 years the chimpanzee will be able to design, build and drive a car? The answer is yes, but only with genetic manipulation on our part!

Now we come to the interesting part: a group of our first human survivors, perhaps Noah, who as a leader, understood and witnessed this amazing first civilization. Did he, along with other leaders, save much of the incredible knowledge and records run by ET? We assume that the ‘Ark’ is a large ship where Noah brought the animals “in pairs”. Was it logical to save animals in the event of a global disaster? Has this word ‘ark’ been deliberately misinterpreted? Sounds like another red herring? Was the “Ark” more likely to be some sort of storage facility, perhaps one of the surviving pyramids in Egypt with the information moved long ago to a more secure secret location?

Was this information/knowledge, after the devastation that occurred after the massive destruction of our planet, extremely important to the survival of the leaders through the manipulation of the confused remaining survivors?

Has our early ET civilization been deliberately obscured by a group of ‘Elites’ who knew about ET and have continually hidden and distracted this from us in order to have power over the rest of us from now on?

This is not a new question. It has been explored through generations and is even mentioned in the Bible and cleverly depicted in the Monty Pythons movie “Life of Brian” which was strangely banned by the Church.

It seems our understanding of humanity has been deliberately restricted to creationism, begrudgingly expanded by Darwinism in the 19th century and then by intelligent design with the ever-present ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ debate.

Creationism, then Darwinism, and now is the opportune moment to discover a new possibility of understanding our non-Darwinian human progress through Realization!

I believe that we can change humanity for the better by advancing this concept of ‘realization’ in our goal of understanding our being!

So what is Realization?

1. The conscience we have ALL inherited a transgenerational ‘alien memory gene’ located in our unconscious mind that contains universal knowledge going back to the universe and creation.

2. ALL Human beings are very valuable.

The words Humanity, Equality, Diversification are now commonly used.

3. We know everything unconsciously but we don’t know everything.

This blind faith that we know we have all the knowledge in our unconscious memory (like Microsoft’s operating system). Is there any consolation in believing that we already know everything? Does this make us fearless in both life and death knowing that we have the potential to eventually know everything even though at this stage of our evolution we don’t?

Do we already have all the answers to the birth of the Universe – ‘Inflation’ and the energy of the ‘Grand Unification’ still hidden in our unconscious memory?

Realizationism like creationism requires faith!

4. The recognition that our subconscious mind/memory is constantly being manipulated by the ‘Elites’!

So, we must first realize that there are elites among us who rule our planet. Your ancestors had figured out some time ago how to manipulate and control our collective subconscious minds by primarily playing on our fears and greed. This has created his continued success! See ‘Humanity, our extraterrestrial past’ article.

They likely evolved from a long line of secret societies: Knights Templar, Freemasonry, etc., with the intent of preserving the remnants of an elite Aryan-type race from an extraterrestrial colonization of Earth some 13,000 years ago.

5. Achievement leads to Personal Transition. Live a life that is real and does not contain us. There is no dress rehearsal, this is it!

With this new found freedom of mind, we can dismiss the negative manipulative propaganda that is often irrelevant to our individual lives! Ask where your loyalties, superstitions, and beliefs come from. Take control and, when and where possible, try not to take life too seriously. Be positive, have fun!

Every day there are more people writing books, music, painting, in other words, discovering their own creativity!

6. We can regain control of our subconscious from the ‘Elite’. We can easily peel away the layers of ‘baggage’ and conspiracy accumulated over the centuries around our collective unconscious minds that are holding us all. We can become truly present to what is happening.

Many people on the planet who are not really here never really connect in a meaningful way with the world!

Realizationism is a individual mental process to regain control of our subconscious and collective subconscious from the manipulative elites.

So our approach can be described by the experience of Viktor Frankl, a Jewish psychologist who ended up in Auschwitz during the Holocaust era. He survived the horrors by clinging to the idea that even if suffering is inevitable and inescapable, he will never be able to. Take away your inner freedom face it with courage and dignity.

Frankl survived these ordeals during the war to become head of the department of neurology at the Vienna Polyclinic Hospital.

We don’t need to PUT THE HEAD ON THE BARAPET. There is no need to participate in protest marches or become a whistleblower. Many brave souls have been ‘boiled’ and threatened or worse and, in the case of whistleblowers, exposed and their reputations and careers irrevocably damaged. We just need to control our subconscious to ‘go on strike’ when we recognize that we are being manipulated!

Until ‘Brexit’ there was no real democracy. Alex Geairns’ book ‘Mindful’ highlights how we can change the government tailored by the establishment run ‘Elites’ in this ‘Westminster bubble’. Realism can provide a backdrop to understand why the political landscape must change to become more democratic!

If we could positively influence how our lives are manipulated through Realization, then impositions like fracking, untested drugs, and the other compromises that are forced upon us would soon stop. THEY STILL NEED US!!

Examples of Realizationism:-

“When you call yourself an Indian, a Muslim, a Christian, a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of humanity. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who seeks to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the full understanding of humanity.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Does this mean, through our understanding of Realization, that ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ will disappear?

Another example in the famous poem by Robbie Burns: A man is a man for that. Verse five is a prayer that meaning and value will eventually agree with all mankind. Burns envisions a future world in which all people will live as brothers, in mutual trust and respect. “He’s still coming, for that.” Well, Rabbie hasn’t arrived yet, but we can help him on his way!

Nelson Mandela defeated the ‘Whites’ who were seen by him and his people as ‘Elites’. Mandela – freedom fighter to president. Unstoppable by whites but possibly not by elites?!

Our ability to collaborate separates us from all other creatures on Earth. The introduction of the transistor, the ‘silicon’ chip and, in turn, the Internet has rapidly increased our ability to collaborate and thus the rapid increase in our creativity and knowledge. Is credibility and our use of the Internet slowly eroding? The ‘Elites’ don’t like to see groups as an even better platform for sharing ideas, encouraged by the World Wide Web!

Was allowing the internet to happen an accident? Has the introduction of the Internet by elites to monitor us more closely failed? Did the elites not realize the power of the Internet? Or maybe the compensation for having the opportunity to collaborate on the World Wide Web is a calculated risk?

Is the Internet unstoppable, to be recognized as an important tool in Realism and our ascent in knowledge down the bathtub curve towards a better humanity? Or is there a secret agency that has granted major hackers amnesty if they can crack Microsoft’s operating system and thereby drastically limit our ability to use the Internet?

So, we don’t have to be manipulated. TO DO WITHOUT!! Maybe sometimes it’s not easy!

If you are not satisfied with the media propaganda? TO TURN OFF!!

Realizationism, of course, is already happening. A good example is in sports. At the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow we witnessed athletes with the attitude “Anything is possible!” We also saw a greater awareness of self-discipline, dignity, generosity and personal responsibility, intrinsic to the ideal of Realism.

For some of us, it is important to be aware of Realization.

So Realization is not a new idea. I just put a tag on it!

I don’t think we’re going to be saved by an outside force. We need our individual presence in the world to solve our own dilemmas.

It may not be possible to achieve world in peace thanks to the Elites, but through Realization we can fight for Peace in the world.

Will the introduction of Realization inspire the next phase of our Humanity at the beginning of bear exploration of the universe

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