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What can you eat to make your voice hoarse? Is there a diet that can give you a deep hoarse voice?

There are quite a few people who often ask this question: what to eat to make my voice hoarse? Well, if you have a high-pitched, squeaky voice that you think is affecting the way you live your life, you might want to change it. And while your diet may not have much to do, you can always do some deep voice training techniques / exercises that will help you with this goal.

But since this article is about what you can EAT to make your voice hoarse and deep, I’ll start by giving you some tips on this. If you want a deep, deep voice, you should make sure to always drink water. You should eat foods that collect mucus in your throat, such as milk or chocolate. Eating a lot of beef can also help, as beef has testosterone which also helps with voice quality.

There is not so much food you can eat to make your voice deep or hoarse. However, there are effective deep voice training exercises that you can use to transform your tone of voice and make it really loud and harsh. Here are some of these exercises that you can try at home, but before doing them I advise you to always give it time to make it work. Deep voice training is not something that you would see results overnight, so be patient and hopefully your tone of voice will be good sooner or later.

1- For starters, a smooth and deep baritone voice can be achieved through humming. I should have said hum A LOT, if you really want these exercises to work.

2- Another deep voice exercise you could do is croak (not sing) in a very low tone for a moment or two and then speak. Do this a few times a day and try to track your voice improvements

3- It has also been proven that the muscle relaxant effect of a large amount of alcohol will deepen the voice. This is not such a recommended deep voice training tip, but people use it to get the tone of voice and quality they want.

4- To achieve a hoarse voice, you should also, on a regular basis, perform neck exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.

So, as stated above, there really is no effective diet that can give you a deep, husky voice, but with the few tips above, you will be able to lower the tone of your voice and get the quality you’ve always wanted. There are many more tips for deep voice training that you should try.

Top 10 things to do in New York City

New York City is a truly amazing city. All who have been there can bear witness to it. If you haven’t had a chance to visit New York City yet, you should start planning a visit, right now! The city has an energy, a pulse that is difficult to describe for anyone who has not been to New York. Go there and you will understand.

New York City is not the cheapest city in the world to visit. We’ve listed the top ten things to do in New York below, most of which are free activities to do in New York City. There are many things to do in New York City throughout the year, the city does not have a particular season when it is best to visit. However, most New Yorkers enjoy summer and believe that it is the best time to visit New York.

New York City has many nicknames, some of them are: The Big Apple, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps, The Capital of the World, The Empire City, The City So Beautiful It Was Called Twice.

We think these are the top 10 things to do in New York, things that should be on every visitor’s must-do list.

1. Central Park: the green oasis and breathing hole of New York City. A must see! In winter you can ice skate and in summer you can lie on a blanket in the sun.

2. Ground Zero – The WTC Towers memorial site.

3. Empire State Building – Panoramic views of New York City from here. EST is now the tallest building in New York.

4. Times Square: the neon buzz of Time Square near Broadway, where everything is happening.

5. Brooklyn Bridge – An engineering marvel with panoramic views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. A walk across the bridge is a must.

6. Statue of Liberty: the iconic statue of liberty and liberty. Go here and you will understand that democracy is a great thing.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art: “The Met” has some of the best works of art in the world. If you like art, this is a must see too.

8. United Nations Building: the epicenter of world diplomacy. Home of world politics and democracy.

9. Guggenheim Museum- is “The” place in New York for modern art. If you like art, this is a must see too.

10. Grand Central Terminal: travel center full of references to popular culture; movies, music and television shows.

Go and enjoy New York, life is too short, so start planning today!

Wrestling accidents and tragedies

Professional wrestling is not just a sport, but also a form of entertainment. The promoters, organizers, and the wrestlers themselves go out of their way to ensure that every move and trick is carefully choreographed. Wrestlers are encouraged to stay fit and practice routines and movements frequently. However, as with any sport, accidents can and do happen. This article will discuss some of the worst incidents in the history of the sport.

Darren drozdov

On October 5, 1999, the stage was set for an incredible night of wrestling. All the fans had entered the Nassau Coliseum and expected to see an exciting fight between Darren Drozdov and D’Lo Brown (Accie Julius Conner).

The injury occurred when D’Lo went to perform his signature move, the running Powerbomb. A powerbomb is a trick or throw in which a fighter is lifted by his opponent, at shoulder height, and then hits the mat. There are numerous variations of the movement.

On this night that D’Lo performed the move, something went terribly wrong and the result was that Droz fractured two discs in his neck.

As for what actually happened, there have been a number of theories, including one involving a fan throwing a drink into the ring, causing D’Lo to slip. However, both men have refuted this theory. Droz believes that because he was wearing a baggy shirt, he did not allow D’Lo to hold on safely and did not allow him to help jump up.

Droz was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent treatment. Unfortunately, even with great care, Droz was left quadriplegic. Fortunately, with the help of treatments and physical therapy, Droz has regained some movement in his arms and upper body.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steven suffered a broken neck at Summerslam. Summerslam, a huge event, took place on August 3, 1997 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The scheduled fight was between Austin and Owen Hart and was to decide the Intercontinental Championship.

Austin’s injury was caused by an improperly executed “piledriver”. A hammer is a standard move in the world of fighting, but there are several variations. In a standard pile driver, a wrestler lifts his opponent by the legs so that his head hangs down and his legs flap in the air. The lifter then falls to his knees or into a sitting position, making his victim’s head appear as if he has crashed into the mattress. On this night, when Owen dropped Austin, his head hit the mattress, causing Austin to break his neck.

After the contact, Austin was temporarily paralyzed for a minute or two, and during this hiatus, Owen continued to perform until Austin recovered enough to quickly end the fight. Fortunately, for Austin, he made a full recovery and suffered no permanent injuries.

Joey mercury

Stunts and fighting matches often require the use of accessories and weapons. It was one of these accessories, a ladder, that caused Mercury’s injury.

The event was Armageddon. The night was December 17, 2006 and the location was at the Richmond Coliseum, in Richmond Virginia.

The match was a four-team ladder event. The winner would be the team that could climb the ladder and regain the championship belts that had been suspended in a ring. At one point, Jeff Hardy climbed the ropes until he was standing on the top one. From this position, he leapt onto one of the stairs, causing another to jump into Mercury’s face.

Fortunately, for Mercury, the impact of the ladder only broke his nose. Another fighter in the ring, Nitro, took the ladder to the throat. Both men were able to finish the match.

Owen hart

This is perhaps the most tragic event in the history of professional wrestling. On May 23, 1999, a crowd gathered at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri to watch Over the Edge. Owen Hart was scheduled to fight The Godfather.

On this particular night, Owen was fighting as the Blue Blazer and the event organizers prepared a special entrance to the ring for him. To enter the ring, Hart had to be lowered from the rafters of the arena using a special harness. The trick had been tested in a previous event and everything worked out fine. Yet that night something went terribly wrong.

Owen had climbed onto the rafters and was wearing his costume. As he began to descend into the ring, the harness gave way and Owen plummeted more than 70 feet and landed on a padded turnbuckle.

Owen was immediately taken to Truman Medical Center, where, despite numerous attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead. An autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was internal bleeding caused by blunt trauma.

These are just a few of the accidents that have happened to wrestlers over the years. However, thanks to safety conscious promoters and organizers, accidents are few and far between and most of them are relatively small.

Synchronization workshop: edit iPhone and smartphone contacts to improve access to synchronization

Editing the contacts on your iPhone or smartphone can help you improve access with the Ford Sync system.

When it comes to most smartphones, the critical first step is to enter the contact details correctly.

If you open a new contact file, put your contact’s name in the “Name” box. And then put the contact’s last name in the “Last name” box. Sounds simple enough, but here’s the deal … if you put the name John Smith entirely on the “Name” line and then if your phone and your Ford Sync system are set to search by last name, guess what? That’s right, you can say “Call John Smith” and the Ford Sync system can’t find anything in your phone book. So, take the time to edit your contacts by name and how they are entered.

When it comes to the iPhone 5, be sure to go to the Settings icon. Scroll down to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” box and tap it. Then scroll down to the “Contacts” section. Make a note of your “Sort Order”, you may want to set it to “Last First” and then look at your “Display Order” and you may want to set that “First, Last”. If not, you may be pressing the voice button and say “Call John Smith” and the sync system might say “No contact found.” But it could be if you said, “Call Smith, John.” I don’t know about you, but that would drive me crazy if I said the last name first and then the first name at the end.

Then look at what kind of phone number the contact is entering … put your work number in the “Work” number box and the cell phone number in the “Mobile” number box. Then the correct way to set up the call is to sync high, “Call John Smith at work.” Why? If you don’t, and just say “Call John Smith”, the system will come back and say “Multiple contacts found, say 1 for work and 2 for mobile.” Again, take some time to edit your phone book so that you can make the call without a lot of Sync prompts.

And did you know that when you initially pair your phone and give the system permission to download your phone book contacts, what the system does is index (review) your contacts? If you make additions or corrections to your phone book while in your vehicle, the Sync system will not be able to “see” the updates until you turn off the vehicle, completely turn off your Sync system, and then reset (or reset) your Sync System. It will then re-index your contacts and “see” the updates.

For those with the MyFord Touch system, you may want to touch the corner of the phone, touch the Settings tab, go to the Manage Phonebook tab, and then touch Redownload Phonebook.

Be careful when it comes to using contacts that are entered in capital letters. The sync system has to check your contacts for the text you have entered in the contact information line. The system checks “John” and then you can listen and say “John”. If a contact is entered as “JUAN”, the system can only “find” the name if you say “Call JUAN”. Therefore, avoid entering the names of your contacts in capital letters.

It makes sense to take the time to edit the contacts you call frequently and create the information so that the Sync system can easily understand it.

Tax Tips for Freelancers in the Construction Industry

Men and women in the construction trade are generally not trained in the art of running a business or keeping records that are satisfactory to the IRS. But it is not difficult, once you know how, and it can be done in 30 minutes a month. These ten tax tips will get you started.

Tax council n. # 1: The IRS requires you to document your business income.

Open a bank account for your business and deposit all business income, both cash and checks, into that account. The advantage here is that you never need to earn full income again; the bank provides that figure each month as Total Deposits.

Fiscal council n. # 2: You’ll pay less tax when you keep receipts for every business expense incurred.

For the self-employed, tracking expenses from receipts is faster than any other method. If you don’t get a receipt, make one and total all expense receipts on a monthly basis. Pay all expenses from your business bank account or from a credit card reserved exclusively for your business. If you pay in cash, write it down on your receipt.

Fiscal council n. # 3 – You won’t be able to pass a tax audit if you don’t keep proper mileage records.

For every two miles you drive within your business, you can deduct more than $ 1 from your taxable income. But, if you do not keep a mileage log, this deduction will not be allowed. Keeping your log in the car will make it easier to track mileage; even a 2 mile trip is noteworthy.

Tax Tip # 4: All the tools you need for your business are deductible.

Every hammer, nail, brush, or other tool necessary for your business is a deductible expense. Tracking these expenses can lower your tax bill and ensure you have the tools you need to earn the best price.

Tax council n. 5 – If your garage now stores your tools and equipment, rather than the family car and bikes, you may be able to deduct it as a home office expense.

It’s not just a deductible office in the home office expense category; You can also deduct the storage space used exclusively for business.

Fiscal council n. # 6 – All income from bartering must be reported.

Example: A roofer changes his job to a builder who installs his new kitchen cabinets. Both must report this trade as income; the reported value is what they would have charged for those services.

Tax Tip # 7: Items purchased to complete a job can be deducted immediately; Items purchased for inventory are deducted as they are sold.

Example: If a carpenter buys lumber for a job, he can deduct it in the year of purchase, but if he buys lumber to build toy boxes to take to the local flea market, he may have inventory costs. The cost involved in taking the inventory should be carried over to the next year and is not deducted until those boxes are used up.

Fiscal council n. 8 – No matter how good your tax professional is, if you don’t provide all the necessary information and figures, your tax return will be incorrect.

It is up to you to total your income, expenses, mileage, and other costs. Come with a detailed list of expenses and a list of questions. A good tax preparer will answer your questions and help you learn more about keeping records for the IRS.

Tax council n. # 9 – Without the receipts, you won’t pass an IRS audit.

Store your tax receipts in a box or bag and keep those records for a minimum of 3 years from filing; Tax returns must be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

Fiscal council n. # 10 – Record keeping doesn’t have to be complicated or involve computer software; a simple method is best for those who have no accounting background.

Using monthly bank statements for total income and actual receipts for total expenses is quick; With this method, most freelancers can do their monthly accounting in 30 minutes or less.

A no-nonsense explanation of eco-friendly kitchen cabinets

Green kitchen cabinets and thus furniture and other wood products use materials that are supposed to be good for the environment and help save energy and resources.

Some of the organic products and their pros and cons:

BAMBOO – This is actually a type of grass that grows almost like a weed in Asia. China is best known for its bamboo imports.

Advantages: It grows very fast and is therefore easy to replace. There is an abundance of bamboo in China and it is considered one of the most renewable products in the world.

It is a very strong product and harder than “oak”.

It can be dyed almost any color.

Cons: It has to be shipped from China to the United States, so it takes quite a bit of energy to ship.

RECYCLED WOOD – Recycled wood is wood that has been taken from the past and reused for new products.

Old Barn Wood – This wood can be used for cabinets, flooring, or, for that matter, any wood product.

Old Logs Pulled from the Bottom of Lake Michigan – These are logs that have been harvested from the bottom of Lake Michigan. Loggers used to transport the logs across Lake Michigan and many of the logs ended up at the bottom of the lake. A company has been contracted to remove these logs and they have been recovered and dried.

Wood and beams from old factories: These are mainly woods used in the construction of old factories. These old joists can be re-sawn and used for flooring or even kitchen cabinets.

Pros: Recycled products are great because they take old materials and reuse them for new products.

Cons: some of these products require a lot of energy to be recovered or processed to be used in new ones.

FORMALDEHYDE FREE wood: This is wood such as straw board or special MDF (medium density fibreboard) that uses special formaldehyde-free glues. There are a growing number of these products hitting the market.

Advantages: Because there is no formaldehyde in this engineered wood, it is better for the environment because it does not release toxic gases.

Cons: Because it is not a finished product, it is generally used for cabinet interiors. Although some people may consider a more industrial look for a finished product.

Solid Wood – Actually, products made from solid wood can be considered eco-friendly, but special processing is required to keep them eco-friendly. Solid wood glued with special glues that do not contain formaldehyde. In addition, the finish of the wood is essential. Water-based, LOW VOC lacquers are recommended for wood over more traditional nitrocellulose lacquers that can harm the environment.

Advantages: More readily available and less expensive than some of the other finished woods mentioned above.

Cons: May require a lot of energy and resources to process into wood.

Another more hybrid product is solid wood that has been processed by an urban sawmill. There are small local sawmill companies that use logs that have been recovered from local tree services and local trees that have to be disposed of for reasons of illness or safety. These are great woods to use in cabinets and furniture because they come from local sources and use less energy to ship and process them. Some of these urban sawmills even have solar ovens that use natural resources to dry the wood.

The “green-friendly era” is here and today there is a lot of hype about green products. But organic products have a lot of merit because they show that you care about the environment and its future. Sustainable products are the wave of the future and will likely increase in popularity in the future.

Why buying a used car is the smartest decision

Buying a new car is an exciting adventure, but it can also involve a lot of running, dealing with different car dealers, and doing a lot of research. New cars are expensive.

In 2015 the median price for a new vehicle was reportedly $ 33,500 and just as you leave the dealership and hit the road in your new vehicle, your car’s value almost immediately drops by at least 11%. The value of a new car also drops almost 20% each year, reducing the value by almost 30% in the first year alone.

That begs the question, why wouldn’t everyone buy a used car? The reasons range from wanting you to be the first and only owner, knowing what you are buying, and not wanting to do the proper research.

While a new car should never be considered a bad investment, there are other options that can save you thousands of dollars, and the difference in vehicles is usually not far behind.

For example, if you search, go to the dealerships and find the type of car you want, you should not stop there. Keep shopping and look for used vehicles of the same model, based on use and mileage, you can save more than $ 10,000 in some cases.

Many people think that used cars are broken or beaten up. And while that may be true, chances are when someone is selling your old one because it is still in good condition and is probably looking for a change too. Doing the right research and working with the right people is important in finding the best deal available.

Here are five of the best used cars you can find for under $ 15,000.

1. Cadillac CTS 2011-2014 – The Cadillac CTS was a turning point for the automaker, making it more competitive by offering a more affordable price while maintaining the luxury, comfort, and driving precision of its older models. This midsize car is one of the best options when looking for a used car.

2. Mazda 6 2014-2016 – While this may be difficult to find, it is one of the best new models you can buy used. The Mazda 6 has a great, clean interior, plenty of storage space, and a variety of up-to-date technology throughout the vehicle.

3. Honda CR-V 2012-2016 – For a compact SUV, the Honda CR-V is one of the best bumps for your investment when buying used. Practical and reliable, the CR-V is one of the newest and best models you can find.

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012-2015 – The Camry Hybrid is a great option when buying used and looking for a cleaner ride. Offering a comfortable and efficient ride, the Camry Hybrid also returns approximately 40 miles per gallon, saving you even more money.

5. Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 – In terms of trucks, it’s hard to find a better deal than the Toyota Tundra. Durable and reliable, the Tundra is ideal for working, towing, and essentially anything you want from a truck.

Buying a used car is the smartest decision. Not only will you save money, with the right amount of time searching and the right research, you can save a ton and use that money elsewhere.

Try taking the actual car you’re looking at to a personal mechanic as well, allowing them to check the vehicle to make sure there aren’t any issues. That is very important to make sure the car is in good condition both inside and out.

There are many great places to buy used cars, allowing you to test drive and check your vehicles before making any purchases. If you take the time to do the proper research and make the right purchases, you will save on your new vehicle. For the new car buyer, it makes sense to buy a used car, saving you money almost immediately and in the long run.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy a new or used car, you’ll want to keep your new purchase protected. Finding cheap car insurance near me is the best option to stay safe and covered no matter what event you may encounter on the roads. The right insurance company will be with you every step of the way, whether it’s on a new or used car.

5 good reasons to segment the market

Due to the broad nature of the market, product promotion will be too high and unattainable. It needs to be divided into smaller sets so that maximum customer set satisfaction can be achieved. The following are several reasons to segment a market.

1. Increase in profits

With the exception of a few organizations that are not profit oriented, most companies are set up for profit, however customers have different disposable income and their spending sense is quite different as well. Segmenting a market will allow the organization to sell the same product to different groups of customers based on their disposable income. Organizations can improve their profits in this way by increasing their prices for different segments.

2. Popularity in the market

Through careful segmentation and proper targeting, smaller companies can compete with the strongest and leaders in the market. In general, strong companies have an advantage over smaller ones in terms of production and marketing costs, which are much lower, as they are already the choice of customers. But by dividing the market into smaller groups and focusing only on the need of the target market segment, the smaller company will be able to have an advantage in this target segment.

3. Better customer satisfaction

As stated above, the sensitivity of clients is different. So are your needs. By creating independent solutions for each segment, greater customer satisfaction can be achieved.

4. Best opportunity for product sales growth

Market segmentation can generate a sales margin. A customer can be encouraged to sell a product that they have bought before for another (exchange) to improve the sales margin of the latter.

5. Communication flow between the client and the company much simpler

Product manufacturers must advertise and get their message across to a relevant customer audience. And where there is a broad target market, there is a great risk that key customers will be lost and even the cost of communicating with customers will be too high. But if the market has been segmented, you can easily reach your target customers more often and at a lower cost.

SodaStream Tips and Tricks

SodaStream homemade soda makers are gaining popularity all the time. Here I address some of the most common questions and problems that arise when using SodaStream for the first time.

Cold water holds gas better than warm water, so SodaStream recommends always using chilled cold water when carbonating. The problem is that different refrigerators have different temperatures. So one person may be using 36 degree water while another is using 45 degree water. You will run into trouble carbonating water below 40 degrees. Water and CO2 will freeze at the tip causing a blockage that will prevent the water from carbonating. Those who keep their refrigerators very cold will want to use some room temperature water mixed with cold water. Ideally, look between 41 and 45 degrees. Not sure if this is a problem for you? Look at the tip of the SodaStream (the part that goes into the bottle) immediately after use. You will see small pieces of white ice in this area if the water temperature is too low.

The biggest complaint I hear is about the carbonation of juices. Many people don’t realize that you can only carbonate plain water with any homemade soda machine. Flavorings are added after carbonation. This means that you cannot take pure fruit juices and char them. Instead, you should mix the carbonated water with the juice. This makes for a diluted juice that is not as fizzy. It’s hardly the tasty and healthy alternative to soda you want. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. Buy frozen juice concentrates at your local grocery store. Mix them with the carbonated water. This way, you don’t dilute the flavor of the juice or the carbonation.

There is another option for fruity flavors other than those offered by SodaStream. Flavored syrups, intended for pancakes or waffles, are a great flavor addition.

Many people prefer tonic water or carbonated water over sparkling water, especially when preparing alcoholic beverages. You can make carbonated water by simply adding a pinch of salt to your carbonated water. Tonic water is a bit trickier. Traditionally it has quinine in addition to a sweetener. Quinine is a bitter compound that is used to treat malaria. Most people don’t stock their pantry with this item. You can add a dash of bitters to carbonated water to replace quinine. Three tablespoons of agave syrup per liter mixes well and will give you the slight sweetness found in tonic water.

My next tip is for the small percentage of people who only drink one or two sodas per week. Soda flavors can easily be mixed in a glass instead of the bottle. This way, if the leftover water in the bottle runs out, you can refill it before mixing your next glass.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get the most out of your SodaStream!

Powerful Homemade Boilie Carp Recipe Secrets That Save Money And Catch Loads Of Big Fish!

The biggest advantage of making your own unique homemade baits is that you are in full control of your baits! You can really make them completely unique compared to any other bait, catch even more big fish, and save money! Part of the key to success is using protein ingredients and releasing their amino acids in very simple ways so that the big fish feed more and more; making them much easier to catch! Read on now to learn more!

Many anglers want to make their own homemade baits these days! Often times, this is due to two main reasons; one that pre-made baits so often just don’t catch the amount of big fish promised and two, the cost of pre-made baits from leading brands may be too high. You also really get a great deal of satisfaction from catching strings of new personal best fish using your own homemade baits!

Today, many pre-made baits are packed with carbohydrate ingredients or other commonly used bulking ingredients that are not as productive as homemade baits made with much higher levels of protein ingredients and additives. Most of the time, the quality (and not the amount of bait used) will give you the best results with large fish.

The advantages of making your own bait include vital aspects such as that only you know what they contain, how they are made, how they are treated to further optimize them and make them exceptionally powerful. With your own homemade baits, you know for a fact that the fish in your lake have never experienced your baits before and therefore have the best chance of catching the most cautious fish.

You can have full control over the components you use. You can choose which design styles to exploit and which aspects of the sensory systems to exploit the most to make your baits totally irresistible and this is simpler than it might seem using the right information!

You can choose to make instant pull baits, food baits, paste baits, stick mixes, particle related mixes, ground baits related to your hook baits, paste to use in your rig as lead and hook bait, etc. You can choose how buoyant or dense your baits are. You can choose how soft or hard your baits are. You can decide how insoluble or soluble you want your baits to be.

You can make your homemade baits last overnight or just a few hours. You may decide to make very light, buoyant pop-up hook baits and heavy sinking hook baits. You may prefer your hook baits to be identical to your free baits. There are advantages to making your hook baits different from your free baits so that they stand out and are among the first to be picked up!

One of the keys to making effective homemade baits and saving money is understanding how carp detect bait ingredients and additives and their components and flavors. Long story short, just include soluble protein ingredients and additives at significant levels in your baits. Including high levels of soluble protein in your baits will provide an excess of free-form soluble amino acids that will likely trigger fish feeding!

Three perfect examples of additives for large carp baits are active yeast powders, hydrolyzed liver, and hydrolyzed krill protein. You can also use these additives to enhance ready-made base mixes such as Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies and CC Moore Live System boilies and many others.

By including predigested or hydrolyzed forms of protein rather than just whole protein ingredients, more than 90 percent of the baits you ever make will induce strong feeding responses in more than 90 percent of the waters you fish in! If you can’t get predigested or hydrolyzed protein ingredients or additives, you can achieve similar effects by fermenting and curing your baits (and then fermenting them again!)

Using activated baits like this means that you can use less bait than normal compared to conventional pre-made egg boilies, plus you can really harness the power of its ingredients and additives to catch more big fish while saving a lot of money on the bait. Revealed in my unique e-books on premade baits and homemade carp and catfish bait secrets, there is much more powerful information, please search my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my bio below for details of my e-book deals! right now!

By Tim Richardson.