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The psychology of mind

The psychology of mind

The media these days have surely created a lot of hype about the “mindset”. So I’m officially doing my bit on what mindset development is and how you can change it. You can because there really is a psychology to the mindset. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is? Simply do a search in your favorite web browser for the word “Mindset”. You’ll get thousands of searches, but you’ll also have a hard time finding an online source that understands how mindset works. Some might, sure. But with so many gurus and experts claiming they can help you evolve just by changing one (not-so) little thing, wouldn’t it be helpful to know the truth? The truth about psychology BEHIND the mindset curtain? I also believe it! So here it is. Mindset is really about a mindset shift. It’s about the way you see the world. Think of the mindset as the pair of glasses you choose to look at the world with.

You can use pink or gray. The truth is that your constant thoughts only add to the positive or negative outlook on your life. This is what they mean by “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Those media gurus and I agree that you have to change the way you think to have the happiness you want. But it’s simply NOT ENOUGH for me to tell you to just “change your mind” and wait for the magic to happen. That’s like me saying, “I’ll throw some pixie dust on your head and your mind will be instantly clear of all the goo.” Sorry, mindset shift doesn’t work that way. No wonder so many frustrated humans are rushing around our society, looking for the NEXT guru who can answer, “How can you make me happy?” Do not wait more. I can answer that question. The truth about mindset shifting is that it’s so easy you’ll wonder if it’s pixie dust. And you might wonder why you spent thousands of hours paying someone to help you be happy when I’m giving it to you for free. (You’re welcome!) I’m going to describe something I call the “Tree of Mind.” Please draw this on a piece of paper as I explain it so it makes more sense. The trunk of your tree is a simple formula: thoughts create emotions; emotions create actions. Then two main branches of thoughts arise: conscious and subconscious.

Those are the two types of thoughts: the first that you can easily access and are aware of, and the second that you cannot easily access. These subconscious thoughts lurk in the back of your mind. Your habitual thoughts are your way of thinking. These are the thoughts you have to change if you want to change your mindset. But here’s the catch: your conscious thoughts make up only about 15% of your total thoughts, maybe less! Your subconscious thoughts make up the other 85%. Draw this on your mental tree. Let it sink in That means that in order to change the way you think, you have to tap into those thoughts that you don’t even know you’re thinking. Bad news, right? Well, not so fast. You can change your subconscious programming. There are so many ways, and that’s where a GOOD guru comes in! From my prefrontal cortex to yours (that’s where your conscious thoughts are stored), here are a few to get you started: First, identify which subconscious thoughts are no longer serving you well. They might sound something like this: “I’m never good enough. Money doesn’t grow on trees and it doesn’t come easily. Hard work is the only job that pays, etc.” You can see how a single subconscious thought can create a lot of problems, right? Second, choose to change.

Oh yeah, you know I had to say it. CHOOSE to change! The reality is that most people figure out what subconscious thoughts are holding them back, but then do nothing about it. Making the decision to act is a very big step. And it is vital. (The reasons for not taking action are an entire therapy session in themselves, so we’ll save those for another time!) Three, implement tools. Create new habitual thoughts, affirm what is true, post sticky notes all over your house and in your car, use EFT, journal ad nauseam, use a “change partner” to motivate yourself, lucid dream, talk about your change efforts until she’s sick, and keep moving in THAT direction, not the OTHER direction. You have so many ways to change your negative subconscious programming. A popular phrase is “Just do it!” But what happens when “Just Do It” doesn’t work? No, it is not a matter of willpower or strength. And it’s not a question of character. It’s all about perseverance, practice and constant follow through. Yes, there is a psychology in the mindset. Can you call it a day just knowing that? No, but once you face those negative subconscious thoughts, you can scream from the ceiling “JOB DONE!”

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