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The tinted BMWs in the decoy bride

The tinted BMWs in the decoy bride

The Decoy Bride is a new romantic comedy film starring David Tivez (Dr Who) and Kelly McDonald (Choke, Harry Potter 7 pt. 2). The movie is about a famous female star who is chased by the paparazzi before her wedding day. His management team hires a “decoy girlfriend” to fool the press.

The scene featuring the BMWs was filmed in the west end of Glasgow, in a lane just off the Great Western Road. The BMWs have their windows tinted so that the papparazzi cannot see in the cars and all 3 cars are identical. In the scene, the cars speed away from a hotel together and separate in different directions in an attempt to lead the press on a futile chase. That is all we are going to reveal about the plot of the film. Now to the cars …

The cars are BMW 5 Series saloons (new models) and a local Glasgow company has installed window tint. The cars had the tints installed the night before the scene was filmed, as the production company, Decoy Bride Production / Ecosse Films, decided that the cars should be tinted at the last minute.

BMWs appear in the film courtesy of BMW as product placement cars. The window tints were installed by Mr Tint Glasgow and removed from the vehicles after filming took place.

Keep an eye out for the movie coming out in 2011 and look for the scene with the BMWs.

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