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Tips on how to rent a London flat in London

Tips on how to rent a London flat in London

It is obvious to all that finding and finalsing an accommodation is a difficult process. The huge number of international students every year also leads to more intense dormitory applications. It is difficult to ensure that students can live in school dormitories. How can we successfully rent student accommodation in London in London? Every international student Should have skills.

Learn about housing information
The website of the university to which international students apply will have service information for nearby student accommodations, or on some platforms. If the seiors themselves sublet, this kind of house needs to be paid attention to when renting, to avoid the economic loss that the second landlord may bring to us. Safety, price and location are all factors that affect the choice of student housing. When you don’t know how to deal with other details, you must first grasp these three factors, so as to choose housing sources according to your actual situation. If you have no experience in studying abroad, you can directly find a good place to live in a foreign country. Our consultants will tailor housing matching for you, and make it convenient for you to choose a house while ensuring the safety of student accommodation funds.

Avoid deposit being withheld
British student accommodations also have some similarities with Chinese student accommodations, among which the deposit is a typical example. The deposit in the UK is generally more, and you can find a house by yourself. Many deposits are 4 to 6 weeks’ rent. Everyone should know that the landlord must put the deposit in the deposit item within 30 days of receiving our deposit, and the British government will protect the deposit. If the landlord’s behavior is inconsistent with the above, we must solve the problem in time. Once the landlord has cheated, we must know how to use legal weapons to protect our own rights and interests, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Contract Signing Details
The time of termination of the contract will be clearly marked in the London student accommodation contract. We will notify the landlord one month in advance of the termination of the contract, and the specific time will also be marked in the contract. In the process of signing, you must carefully check each clause, because it is in English, if the English level of the students cannot fully understand each clause, it is best to seek help to avoid losses if you do not understand clearly. Paying attention to every contract detail can also help us avoid disputes with the landlord, especially when checking out.

Rent is daily expenses
Sometimes the house we rent is not just the rent, but it may also include utilities and other daily expenses. Whether these expenses are included in the overall rent is something we need to communicate with the landlord in advance. Don’t underestimate some of the daily expenses, not only water, electricity, coal, but also Internet and TV fees, all of which add up are not a small amount.

Furthermore, accessibility is crucial in ensuring that accommodation meets the diverse needs of students. Facilities must be accessible for students with disabilities, offering appropriate accommodations and ensuring barrier-free access to communal areas, bedrooms, and amenities. It is essential to prioritize inclusivity and make necessary modifications to existing infrastructure to provide equal opportunities for all students.

Lock the doors and windows, prevent fire and theft
When choosing a housing target, look for an area with good law and order. After all, when you are studying abroad, your personal safety comes first. Get to know roommates in advance, maybe in the future stage of studying abroad, you can become good friends, take care of each other, and help each other solve problems. In the student accommodation, the doors and windows should be locked daily to prevent valuables from being stolen, and fire prevention measures should also be taken. Fire prevention is very important abroad, so most landlords do not allow everyone to use open flames for cooking. Once the smoke and fire alarm is triggered, everyone should open the window for ventilation as soon as possible, and then press the alarm button.

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