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Viral Marketing: An Easy Way To Get The Word Out

Viral Marketing: An Easy Way To Get The Word Out

Viral marketing refers to a marketing technique that uses social media to expand brand awareness and achieve other marketing goals. It can be transmitted by word of mouth or with the support of the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is done in the form of video clips, interactive flash games, media, e-books, branded software, images, or text messages.

The goal of marketers who embrace viral marketing as a method of increasing brand awareness and other goals is to create messages that appeal to people with high social networking potential (SNPs) and have a high probability of being featured and disseminated by these individuals and their competitors in their communications with others in a short period of time. It is basically a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to convey a marketing message.

For viral marketing to work, three basic criteria must be met, that is, delivering the right message to the right messengers in the right environment:

Delivery courier

To transform an ordinary message into a viral message, three specific types of messengers are required: market experts, social hubs, and salespeople.

Market experts are people who are information specialists; They are usually among the first to know the message and those who spread it in their immediate social network.

Social hubs are people with a large number of social networks. They act as a link or bridge between different subcultures as they often meet hundreds of different people.

Sellers are the people who receive the message from market experts, enhance it by making it more engaging and moving, and then forward it to the social hub for further distribution. Market experts may not be particularly convincing in conveying the information.


Only a message that is memorable, compelling, and interesting enough to pass on to others is capable of fostering a successful and healthy viral marketing phenomenon. Small adjustments can make a big difference and cause an expansion of the viral marketing sphere.


Small changes in the environment strongly affect the results, and people are much more sensitive to the environment. The timing and context of the campaign launch must be chosen wisely.

The methods used for viral marketing are:

Customer engagement and survey services Contributions from industry-specific organizations Internet search engines and blogs Mobile smartphone integration Multiple forms of print and direct marketing Outbound/inbound call center services Targeted marketing Web services Search engine optimization (SEO) web development Social media interconnectivity Television and radio

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